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What To Ask Your Referral

​The best way to help your friend or colleague get a new job is to ask them what they are looking for. This will give you a better understanding of their career aspirations and current skillset and experience level.

This information can help you make a better referral by either matching them to a great job or by giving us as much information as possible via the Let Referment Do The Work option available on the Referment homepage.

Before making any referral you should sit down and ask them the following questions:

Why are you looking to move on from your current role?

Is it a work-life balance issue? Flexible working? Any information on this helps us put your referral in front of the right companies.

What kinds of roles are you looking for?

This can give you a starting point to search for referral opportunities on Referment. (However, as mentioned below, a job title doesn’t necessarily equal suitability for a role).

What kinds of industries are you looking for?

We specialise in Financial Services and the majority of our clients are looking for candidates with experience in a field within that. The main sub-industries we work across are FinTech, Buy-Side, Markets & Exchanges, Advisories, Investment Banking and Software Vendors.

One thing to note is that your referrals current job title might not necessarily get them in the door at one of our clients. As Referment works with some very specialised companies, hiring managers are likely going to look for some very specific industry experience when making hires.

Whilst some skills are transferable, industry experience can be the be-all and end-all for clients looking to bring in people that will deliver tangible results.

As a result, make sure you let us know exactly what industry experience your referral has when you pass their details on. Even better, use the LinkedIn field to share their profile, so we can look through our open roles and potential opportunities, relating them to their experience.

We've also included as much information as possible on each job page on the Referment platform, including the recommended years of experience, job industry and where possible, the maximum salary the firm are looking to pay for the right candidate.

This, coupled with your knowledge of the people in your network, should help you make some incredible referrals!

Who will you refer?

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