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Over the years, Referment has partnered with top brands to express gratitude to our community members through our Referment Rewards referral program, our supporters have enjoyed rewards including Brentford FC match tickets and discounts from renowned brands like Gentleman Barista's and Simply Cook. It's our way of saying thank you and highlighting the value of sharing your network with us.

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Official FinTech Partners for Brentford FC. 2021-2023

Official FinTech Recruitment Partners of Brentford FC

We're excited to announce that Referment has become the Official FinTech Recruitment Partner of Brentford Football Club, signing a two year deal to support the club in its first season in the Premier League and beyond.

Our partnership will see us feature prominently on matchday and digital assets, working closely with the club on activations and content creation. We'll also be getting involved in local community projects, becoming an Official Trust Supporter of the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust.

Since launching in 2016, Referment has helped hundreds of FinTech firms source exceptional talent via their referral platform that rewards professionals when they refer the people they know to new career-defining jobs. This provides untapped talent at an unprecedented rate as professionals utilise their network to help their connections find work with some of the industry’s leading companies, earning referral rewards in the process.

Unlike traditional referral schemes, Referment pays referral rewards upon completion of a first-round interview. Community members are rewarded with at least £250 when their referral interviews and the more you refer, the more you earn, with top referrers earning £500 for every successful referral.  

Referment aligns closely with Brentford when it comes to innovation and data-led recruitment and it was this focus on data science that kindled our partnership in the first place. We're excited to support Brentford FC as they go on to be a leading club in British Football, whilst we strive to build the world's most effective and efficient recruitment solution.


James Parkinson, Commercial Director at Brentford FC, said: “Since launching in 2016, Referment have pioneered new methods to identify talent; we’re delighted to partner with a company that has innovation at its heart. We look forward to working with Referment during our debut season in the Premier League.”

Alex Odwell, MD and Founder of Referment, added: “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Brentford and look forward to supporting the Club during their first season in the Premier League. Like Brentford, Referment has invested heavily in data science to improve the effectiveness of its recruitment team. We’ve always admired their data-led recruitment methods and see strong synergies between that and our efforts in using data science to build the world’s most efficient and effective recruitment company.”

Clue Are Ya?​ - Brentford FC x Referment.

Mbeumo, Jensen & Baptiste take on Clue Are Ya with Referment. Can they guess the former players from the clues?

​Click the image below to watch!

Clue Are Ya? Brentford collaboration video with Referment


Brentford FC x Referment: Who Will You Refer?

We sat down with Zanka and Jonas Lössl to see who they'd refer from the Brentford Football Club Squad.

Take a look below!