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Referment's Guide To Linux

Linux is an operating system, just like Mac OS and Windows. It powers Android and unlike Windows Server, it’s completely free to install and use plus is commonly referred to as the most stable and reliable computer ecosystems available.

A brief history of Linux​

Linux was created in the early 1990’s by Finnish software developer Linus Torvalds and the Free Software Foundation (FSS). It’s open-source which means that it’s incredibly customisable and can be tailored to multiple uses. As such, it’s used widely in the Capital Markets as firms look to build efficient infrastructure and applications.

How much do Linux experts earn?

That really depends on the type of role. A pure Linux Engineer can earn up to £140,000 base salary whilst Senior DevOps Engineer's at large Hedge Fund's can earn in excess of £200,000 base salary. As it's such a widely used system, knowledge of Linux is often a requirement for Desktop Support roles, which can start around the £30-40,000 mark and rise in excess of £100,000 for trading support positions.

Refer someone you know to a new Linux job and earn up to £500 when your referral completes a first-round interview.

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