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Referment Success Stories - Jamie Khurshid

​We recently sat down with Jamie Khurshid, Founder of Jacobi Asset Management, to discuss his career to date and his experience as both a candidate and referrer using Referment.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your current role in Financial Services?

My name is Jamie Khurshid and I’ve been in capital markets for almost 25 years. I started my Financial Services career as an investment banker working for Goldman Sachs before moving on to Credit Suisse and then The Royal Bank of Scotland. I was then appointed as Chief Executive for Europe’s longest running regulatory vehicle. Most recently I have founded and launched a digital asset management business called Jacobi Asset Management, that is focused on designing, issuing and managing institutional crypto products.

And what does Jacobi Asset Management do?

Jacobi is an exciting, newly formed Asset Management business who have brought together decades of expertise from Banking, Regulatory, Fintech, Investment Management and Digital Assets. Jacobi plans to be the future of Digital Asset Management by designing, issuing and managing institutional crypto products and launching funds connected to digital assets. We are extremely passionate about offsetting the energy consumption of the industry so will be targeting sustainable blockchain projects as well. We feel the time is right for the world to prepare for the future of digital and sustainable investing and are thrilled to be part of the pioneering generation to carry these projects forward.

You've been placed in roles through Referment twice before. What has your experience been like with Referment as a candidate?

Referment is like no other firm I have dealt with in our sector. There is a personal touch you don’t often expect or get from the larger recruitment firms with hundreds of consultants. The expertise is abundant and the continuous effort the entire team puts in to support you as a candidate is exemplary. The Referment model really is fantastic and well thought through and honestly I couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone considering approaching a recruitment firm to help them with their next career move.

Could you describe the interview process at each and what working with Alex/Jon was like (if possible)?

Simply, I never felt like I was alone in the process. Alex and Jon are always available and have never once not had the information I needed to successfully navigate through the interview processes. As you mentioned, I've been placed by Referment in two roles in the past and both experiences were great!

You've made a number of successful referrals through the Referment platform, including the likes of Emmy Granström who recently featured on our Success Stories blog herself. How has your experience as a user of Referment and what made you refer the people you referred?

I love the model and as already mentioned I have no hesitation in recommending Referment to my friends and colleagues. It’s not often you can put your trust and reputation in the hands of a third party and feel completely secure like I do with Referment so that in itself is testament to what they have built and achieved.


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