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Referment Success Stories - Emmy Granström

​We recently sat down with Emmy Granström, Marketing Director at SteelEye, to discuss the company, her successes to date and how she found the role using Referment.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your role at SteelEye?

My name is Emmy Granström, I am from Sweden and I'm the Marketing Director for SteelEye. I joined in May, 2019 so, I'm coming up to my two-year anniversary soon. 

In simple terms, my job is to define SteelEye’s marketing strategy, develop the plan for meeting our objectives, and together with my team, execute on that plan.

And what does SteelEye do?

SteelEye is a regulatory technology (RegTech) company that specialises in data. Our proprietary compliance platform solves financial firms' data problems in a completely new way and our modular solutions thereafter allow clients to meet their regulatory obligations on a single platform.

Moving back in time a little bit, what were you doing before joining SteelEye?

I studied Business at university here in the UK. I got my first graduate job whilst working at my university; there was a guest speaker and I was setting up the room. He was speaking about the company he worked for, and I said: I'm graduating soon and need a job. That's how I got my first role in sales and marketing! 

After about a year and half I was hired by a RegTech company in the city called Boat Services, which was subsequently rebranded to Simplitium. It was the British subsidiary of a Swedish firm called Cinnober, which was acquired by NASDAQ in January 2019. I joined Boat as a marketing manager and when I left, I was the Co-Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications of the Cinnober Group.

How did you find the role at SteelEye?

I was introduced to Alex at Referment by Jamie Khurshid who hired me at Boat Services/Simplitium. Alex had asked him if he knew anyone with a marketing background that could join a young RegTech firm in London and he linked the two of us together.

Could you describe the interview process and what working with Alex was like?

I wasn’t actively looking for a new role when Alex reached out to me, but the opportunity to join a new RegTech firm piqued my interest, so I decided to go for an interview. When I left the meeting, I thought: “this company and product is amazing!”. I remember thinking that joining SteelEye would be a big challenge but also really fun and a great opportunity – and so far that is exactly what it has been.  

All the interactions I had with Referment and with Alex were fantastic. He checked in on me regularly, even after I joined. Alex was genuine and had a very true representation of SteelEye. It didn't feel like he was just trying to place me but trying to find a good match. 

What excited you about SteelEye and why did you accept the offer?

What excited me about SteelEye was that they have a completely unique outlook on regulation and how to solve the industry’s problems. I have yet to encountered a company that can do what SteelEye does. This really excited me then and still does now. Although the breadth of solutions on offer was quite daunting, I had a strong sense that SteelEye was onto something special and unique, which is why I accepted the offer! 

What has your career with SteelEye been like?

I’ve made a point of being insight-driven and data-led, tracking all our marketing efforts and making decisions based on data. We track pretty much everything and down to how much revenue our marketing activities facilitate. Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, and being able to demonstrate clear results from our efforts is something I am very proud of.

And finally, what are you most excited to achieve with SteelEye?

When I joined SteelEye, the company had only just started its marketing journey. My vision is to set up a sophisticated, automated and fully functioning marketing machine that just works. We have achieved a lot in a short amount of time, but there is so much more to do to, so it is full steam ahead for the marketing team at SteelEye!


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