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​Software Development refers to the design, build and support of applications. Software Developers created this site, the browser you're viewing it on and the operating system of the device you're using! Generally software development is split into three disciplines; Front End, Back End and Full Stack.

What is Front End Development?

Front End Software Development refers to the visual elements of applications, from the initial design to the final product. Front End Developers utilise a number of technologies to perform their jobs, including: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, Angular and React.

​Front End Development job titles include UI Developer, React Developer and Web Developer and depending on their experience and the company that's hiring, Front End Developers can earn in excess of £150,000 or £700 per day.

What is Back End Development?

Back End Software Development refers to the discipline of building databases and server-side application systems, including writing APIs and creating libraries. Backend Developers will often use Python, C#, C++ or GoLang. Depending on their experience and the company hiring Back End Developers can earn up to £200,000 base-salary.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full Stack Software Development refers to a blend of Front and Back End development. Full Stack Developers are often tasked with building and maintaining software systems and are often more in demand due to their breadth of knowledge, rather than specific specialism in one area. Full Stack Developers can earn in excess of £120,000 base salary, plus bonuses.

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