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​Pre-Sales is a key part of the sales process in all software-focused firms. Once traditional sales channels have done their work, Pre-Sales step in to build the solutions that clients require, often analysing customers needs and architecting a solution for them. Pre-Sales jobs can often be called Solutions Architects, Technical Consultants or even Technical Account Managers and depending on the company, can come with different compensation packages.

Unlike traditional sales and account managers, pre-sales specialists are unlikely to receive huge commission checks when completing the pre-sales process, however are likely to receive additional compensation and company bonuses for good performance. The average pay for a Pre-Sales specialist in the UK is £55,000 however in FinTech, where companies are selling highly effective solutions to large cap companies, the pay can exceed £120,000 plus bonuses.

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Tod Bamber

Tod Bamber

Senior Relationship Manager - Sales